Create and manage all your forms with this easy-to-use forms solutions.

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FormsEngine is an all-in-one forms solution

FormsEngine is the perfect solution for your company to improve the daily productivity and efficiency in your data collection process . Forms are used by every organization, from hour registration forms to customer order forms. Collecting data from paper forms takes a lot of time and paper forms can be damaged or misread which lead to errors. By digitizing your forms, you will not only save time and money but you can also access the data at anytime from anywhere.

With FormsEngine you can quickly, easily and intuitively create forms in a secure SAAS environment. We can help you create forms of different complexity with various integrations into different systems. Worried that you don’t have the in-house knowledge and skills? We are happy to help and offer a tailored solution.

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The all-in-one forms solution

FormsEngine enables you to create and manage complex forms.

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Seamles integration

We use the latest technology to embed the forms in your own website. The form automatically adjusts to the styling of your website.

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User friendly

Complex forms can be created without the need of developers. Provide your employees with total control of your forms.

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MyCubes knows users will work on different types of devices. If your website has a responsive design the forms will automatically adjust to this.

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Back-end integration supports most integration standards making integrations with cloud solutions or your own back-end system accessible.


Create and manage all your forms with this simple forms solution.

The components

These are the different components of



  • Form definition
  • Field validation
  • Field formatting
  • Error messages


  • Form styling
  • Custom widgets


  • Statistics
  • Audit logging
  • Integration with back-end systems
  • Custom routing

FormsEngine cases

Insurance premium calculations

Branding and website design

Online medication orders

Website and back-end integration

Digital government

Branding and website design

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