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Who we are

MyCubes was founded in 2011 and has been working on innovative technologies and sustainable product development since day 1. Through our no-nonsense approach and solid knowledge of integration technologies we build long-term relationships with our clients.

We take pride in delivering value to our clients on a daily basis with the solutions that we have established together.

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Our vision

We believe that the intrinsic power of an organization lies within the unique combination of people, processes and systems. The best IT partner knows how to optimize this combination by connecting these aspects in a smart and pragmatic way.

What we do

We design and develop smart software systems and products focused on optimizing processes. We do this by combining and integrating the existing systems within a landscape. The purpose is to let the processes match your processes and goals even better. With our pragmatic and personal approach we work together to get the most out of your organisation.

We understand like no other that trust is the foundation for every sustainable relationship, both in business and personal situations. Organisations that work with us trust us because we know how to convert our knowledge and experience in tangible and practical solutions.

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Our services

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MyCubes HR

MyCubes HR gets the most out of your HR team through our technology. We make your HR perform better.

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Tailored integration

Did you invest in systems that you would like to combine in your processes? We integrate these systems tailored for your needs.

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Digitizing forms

Are you still working with paper forms and signatures? Meet FormsEngine and experience the benefits of digitizing!

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What others say

Leon Landman

"Had a very big smile on my face after I finished a complex form with different integration in 3 hours time. Before, that would take us 3 weeks due to the time needed for developers. Let alone if I needed a change because I didn't think something through enough."

Leon Landman - Business Owner, Meeùs Assurantiën

Remy Geerts

"Their ability to think out of the box and deliver useful solutions, combined with their willingness to go the extra mile was really one of the pillars that turned the project into a success."

Remy Geerts - Head of Indirect Tax, VTTI

Zivko Lazarov

" started a partnership with MyCubes for digital signing of web forms because of the variety of options being provided through workflows, UI experience, bakc-end integrations and above all the very reliable solutions and an organisation that delivers on it's commitments."

Zivko Lazarov - Co-Founder Evidos

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