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Why workflow integration & automation?

The IT landscape is very complex nowadays. There are many specific systems that work fine independently. Despite this, many companies struggle to integrate the systems effectively for greater efficiency and faster Time-To-Market. It's time to make a transition to a digital organization!

We help our customers by modeling their business processes in BPMN workflow diagrams that can be executed directly in a workflow engine. The processes are clear for the business and can be easily managed by your IT department. We have helped our customers to successfully roll out from small-scale proof-of-concept projects to complete business systems. And we are happy to do that for you too!


MyCubes Workflow framework

At MyCubes we developed our own Workflow framework, which consists of reusable standard components. This saves a lot of time which allows us to mainly focus on the business logic and processes of your company. Our framework consists of the following components: MyCubes Portal, FormsEngine and Camunda.

MyCubes Workflow Framework MyCubes Workflow Framework

MyCubes Portal

A central portal where everyone can view and execute their personal and group tasks.
In addition, the portal gives you complete insight into all of your current processes that are necessary for good business operations.


Each step in the business process has its own data.
With FormsEngine we can easily retrieve, display and send the data via forms from different business systems.


Camunda is the heart of our framework. It ensures that all steps in the process are processed in the correct order and that the right decisions are made.
After a process has been completed, Camunda can save the process data. This may be necessary, for example, for audits or process optimisations.

Camunda Integration Partner

MyCubes is an official system integration partner of Camunda. Camunda is an open-source workflow and decision automation platform with effective tools for modeling and automating business processes. It is suitable for both SMEs and large-scale enterprise organizations. Companies such as Zalando and Deutsche Telekom rely on and run their business-critical processes on Camunda.

As an integration partner, we have the expertise and know-how to support you professionally and use Camunda optimally for your processes. We work closely with your business and combined with our practical and personal approach, we have already successfully realized many applications.

Are you curious about what we can do for you? Feel free to contact us.

MyCubes Camunda Gold partner

Cases and clients

With integrated 4 different systems at Verne.

We migrated the internet sites of 16 Dutch ministries to one centralized internet site, rijksoverheid.nl, without content freeze.

Our FormsEngine platform is integrated with ondertekenen.nl facilitating digital signing where needed.

We think along with you

We design and develop the right integration solutions by focussing on quality and client value. From the first idea, the design and development to the testing, production and maintenance: together we work towards the perfect solution for your challenge.

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