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We make your HR perform even better

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MyCubes HR

MyCubes HR combines the knowledge and expertise that MyCubes has obtained over the past years in systems integration, process optimisation and product development and applies this to the Human Resources field.

MyCubes HR aims to optimise the interaction between HR and IT with the purpose to let HR perform even better with the tools and systems that are already in place.

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We let your HR team perform even better

People provide value to organisations with their knowledge and expertise. Which is why we believe that the people are the most valuable assets within an organisation. Therefore we believe people should be valued and taken care of in the best possible way.

Our mission

To be able to take care of the employees and looking after their interests, it is important that this group of people are represented and heard at the highest level within an organisation. Besides the operational management, Human Resources should have a leading role in this matter.

Together with business lines HR takes care of the employee life cycle using different tools and systems. MyCubes HR’s goal is to optimise the interaction between these different tools and systems, making HR more effective and efficient and making HR heard at the highest level possible.



HR teams use a variety of tools and systems. To utilise and optimise these environments MyCubes HR has created the platform HREngine.

HREngine provides the possibility to integrate between tools and systems in order to exchange data, optimise processes and also signing workflows including a process that supports digital signatures.

All additional functionalities that we provide on top of the integration platform can be embedded in the existing landscape (portals, intranet) avoiding the need to add yet another system.

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