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MyCubes HR

MyCubes HR combines the knowledge and expertise that MyCubes has obtained over the past years in systems integration, process optimisation and product development.

The combined expertise, which we gained through projects in different fields, is utilised within the field of Human Resources.

MyCubes HR aims to optimise the interaction between HR and IT with the purpose to let HR perform even better with the tools and systems that are already in place.

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We let your HR team perform even better

People provide value to organisations with their knowledge and expertise. Which is why we believe that the people are the most valuable assets within an organisation. Therefore we believe people should be valued and taken care of in the best possible way.

Our mission

HR teams work with software in which different modules are available facilitating HR topics such as Recruitment, Learning & Development, Performance Management to name a few.

These modules do not always cover the needs of the HR teams, hence the different specific tools that are being bought to fill the needs of the topics. This causes a landscape in which best-of-breed solutions are being combined with the more generic suites such as payroll and HR systems.

MyCubes HR optimises the landscape of HR in which different systems and tools are used. We do this through integratios between the systems of HR, optimisations of HR processes and digitization.

This way we contribute to the efficiency and effectiveness of HR, making HR perform even better.



MyCubes HR has it's own platform on which system integrations can be set up in a simple way. Because of this data exchange between different sources will become easier.

The platform also provides the option to add functionalities and workflows that are not within the scope of for example Employee Self Service and/or Manager Self Service.

We make sure all integrations and optimisations fit seamless in the environment.

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