Athlon: Roadmap to
hyperautomation and beyond


John Li

Co-founder MyCubes

Solution architect Athlon

Rutger van Dijk

BPMN enthusiast

Implementation lead Athlon

Athlon: Roadmap to hyperautomation and beyond

Ever wondered how a lighthouse project evolves into a successful rollout of multiple process applications? This session will reveal Athlon’s strategic roadmap, highlighting the crucial role of the process engine in orchestrating integrations and scaling implementations. Attendees will learn about the multi-channel user interaction facilitated by Athlon, including portals, custom apps, and MS Teams integration. The session will conclude with a live demo, illuminating how Athlon leverages process transparency in user interfaces, and a sneak peek into their future with Camunda 8.

Watch the Athlon showcase
Athlon showcase

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MyCubes BPMN guidelines

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